Increase in sale


Drop in duplication


ROI for our solutions


Supply Chain Visibility

Your products are at a high risk of duplication

Counterfeiting decreases your market share

Damages brand perception

Results in hundreds of crores in lost revenue

Holostik security holograms can help you increase sales by up to 41%

  • Visible, invisible and digital layers of security
  • Nearly impossible to copy or replicate due to holographic security features
  • Fast and easy product verification
  • Embedded images that are impossible to duplicate
  • Higher perceived value for your products
  • Customized to your brand and packaging needs

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What makes Holostik security holograms unique

Holostik introduced holography to India in 1991 and has been an industry leader ever since. We have complete in-house capabilities ranging from R&D, designing, manufacturing and IT development.
All physical and digital layers are produced in-house under 24/7 surveillance
Only company to provide the highest security master origination system via nanotechnology
Greater supply chain, inventory visibility and higher Return-on-investment (ROI)
Pioneered holography innovation in India through 4 generations of technology
Over 6,00,000 dpi resolution to provide radiance and nano-security
Enhanced aesthetics with high reflective index


Random or sequential serialization with the capability to print variable data on hologram stickers with unique ID for each SKU.

Hologram printing with QR codes and bar codes

Pattern and text tamper evidence with breakable vinyl ensures original product reaches the end consumer.

Tamper-evident hologram stickers

Nano-mastering allows originating masters above 6,00,000 DPI for nano-text and nano-structure security holograms.

Nano-optic imaging security holograms

Use of advanced laser beam technology allows for high quality design and aesthetic appeal in 3D holographic stickers.

E-beam Lithographic 3D holograms

Easy and clean scratch off holograms with high opacity and multiple security cuts to hide confidential information on coupons or offers.

Scratch off hologram stickers

Advanced dot matrix holography set up to create unique and appealing designs that cannot be copied or reproduced.

Dot matrix 3D hologram stickers

Color metalized features can be added as an optional aesthetic feature on a customized hologram

Silver metalized and color metalized holograms

Random or sequential serialization with the capability to print variable data on hologram stickers with unique ID for each SKU.

Holograms with serialized or matching numbering

HRI (high-refractive index) films are used to create transparent holographic labels and stickers that can be used on ID card, products and documents

Transparent Holograms (HRI)

Globally Recognized

CMMI Level 3
GS-1 Compliant

Tailored to your Industry

With an ever-growing economy, India's top manufacture rely on us for product security and supply chain management.

Trusted by 10,000+ brands

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