When we hear the words revenue stamps or shrink sleeves, they might sound non-existent, and one might wonder how they look and on which products are they used. However, in reality, without even knowing, we come across these two daily on various products. Read on to learn more about revenue stamps and shrink sleeves.

What are Revenue Stamps?

A revenue stamp is used to collect fees or taxes for maintaining courts. These stamps, similar in appearance to postage stamps, are added to products and relevant documents to signify payment of a fee, and they are popular with collectors just like postage stamps. They take many forms and may be perforated or perforated, printed, or embossed, gummed or ungummed, and of any size.

The revenue stamps are in use way earlier than the postage stamps. There are various kinds of great revenue stamps in the world, of which many remain unrecorded. Sometimes, the governments used to combine the functions of postage and revenue stamps. These stamps were often inscribed as Postage and Revenue to reflect their dual functioning.

Revenue stamps are produced, for their use concerning the tax of various products, including:

  • Tobacco
  • Hats
  • Medicine
  • Newspapers
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Hunting licenses
  • Vinyl records
  • Playing cards

Under section 30, revenue stamps are used for payments that exceed a minimum amount of ₹ 5000 and are used as proof that the payment has been made to the person signing the cash voucher. Also, under section 65, the payee will be punished with a fine of ₹ 100 if they refuse to give a receipt with a revenue stamp.

Most people, after seeing a revenue stamp on any paper, think that it is genuine, but it is not used for authentication purposes but for generating revenue. For every legally permitted transaction, a specified amount should be given to the Government. Stamping of receipts evidencing taking or giving money also requires such revenue, and a revenue stamp is affixed as proof of that.

What are Shrink Sleeves?

A shrink sleeve label is a full-colour 360-degree heat-sensitive material, which on applying heat, can be modified into the shape of the product to which it is to be applied. These labels are printed on either polyester or plastic film material. The durability of shrink sleeves makes them suitable for products that encounter friction or moisture.

Revenue stamps and shrink sleeves

Despite there being not much relation between revenue stamps and shrink sleeves, you might still sometimes find them being used together on products like cigarette boxes and alcohol bottles. The revenue stamps on these products are used as evidence of tax payment, while shrink sleeves are used to provide utmost safety and protection from counterfeit.

Thus, these revenue stamps and shrink sleeves serve different purposes and are also used together in specific contexts.

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Holographic security labels are favourable for securing and enhancing the visual appeal of products. Security labels printed with QR codes can help with digital product authentication, warehouse management, loyalty schemes and offering other supply chain functions.

While holographic labels serve as a means to distinguish one’s brand, they can also help with regulatory adherence and anti-counterfeit actions.

Are you too, looking for an impressive security label for your product but are concerned if they would safeguard your product from counterfeiting and look attractively unique at the same time? Then you should consider purchasing security labels from an honest and accountable manufacturer with the following qualities:

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The security label manufacturer you prefer should ensure the lowest feasible rates on direct security labels without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction. Prices should not burn a hole in your pocket and must be within your budget.

Sustaining a level of translucency with regards to pacts and negotiations also builds faith and reliance between the manufacturer and the client. All prerequisites should be well-defined from the onset of the meeting and should be formally listed in an agreement.

-The highest degree of quality

No matter the requirement, you should always demand the highest quality security labels from the manufacturer. High-quality security labels can help printheads last longer, decreasing the total expense of ownership over time. There should be strict quality checks at every phase of production which would result in high-quality labels. Usage of high-quality inks, solvents, glues guarantees the ultimate quality of labels. Industrial security labels are subject to harsh environment in the supply chain, so they must be manufactured to maintain adhesion, form, and readability.

Having years of hands-on experience in providing security label manufacturing services along with encouraging reviews and responses from the firm’s recent and former customers is a pointer that your company will most probably receive the same quality of service.

Professional services

What good is cheap, deformed, ugly security labels if they peel off or fail to adhere properly? If security labels are not suited to your requirements and are not delivered on time, it is a complete waste of time and energy. If the labels are damaged during shipment, then not only would lead it to money losses but business losses as well.

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Labels in Packaging Industry

The way of making an ordinary product into an extraordinary one or the reason why one picks a product can be attributed to labelling. Labelling is nothing but specific way of merchandising. No wonder, packaging is a silent salesperson for a product and it simply enhances the shelf life of a product.

As we all know the augmented marketing mix and the physical evidence plays a vital role in determining the buying pattern of a consumer or a customer and this is where the label comes into picture.

Labels can be game changer for a product and the simplest way for Market Penetration.

What is Labelling?

The art of applying or implementing labels over a product or specifically designing labels for a product is called labelling. Labels can be majorly divided into two categories depending upon their application viz. Paper label and Filmic Label.

A comprehensive classification for labels is as follows.

Types of Labels

(1.) PSL-Pressure Sensitive Labels/Self Adhesive Labels/Supported Labels

(a) Paper Labels which can be normal paper label or secure paper label.

(b) Filmic Labels which can be several types of viz. PP, PE, PET, Metalized Film, COC etc.

(c) Secure Filmic Labels which may have several security features and that will make them very hard to duplicate viz. Holographic Strip, Different Security Pattern with the help of some software, Security inks, Spot Holography, Hot Stamping Foil and Screen Printing.

(d) Special Purpose Label which is having certain tailor-made solution as per the product requirement viz. water indicator label or special film labels like UDV, Void etc.

(e) Smart Labels which is having a QR code and that can be useful for several operations viz Authentication, Loyalty, Supply Chain Management etc.

(f) 3D Labels which are the labels with generic and customized lens effects, and they are developed by using PET film.

(2.) Unsupported/Wet Glue Labels

(a) Normal Unsupported Labels like Beer Labels.

(b) Secure Unsupported Labels like certain Pharma Labels.

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